Monday , February 18 2019

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ব্ৃেজঙৃেকতকিুদত চজুবিাযডজডপ চটজঙযহজপজ হজপযহ পপটটট

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 Contraction with Subject     Subject Be verb Have verb Modal verb       am is are was were Have has had will / shall would 1st person Singular I I’m I am         I’ve I have   I’d I had I’ll I will I’d I …

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class five English

Rearrange the following words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. 10 1. flu, I, the, have. Pyramid, look, of, the, picture, at, the, food. firefighter, came, the, put, and, the, out, fire, soon. Bangladesh, a, reading, he, book, is, about. also, district, Kishoreganj, famous, home, is, the, some, …

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