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class five English

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Rearrange the following words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. 10


  1. flu, I, the, have.
  2. Pyramid, look, of, the, picture, at, the, food.
  3. firefighter, came, the, put, and, the, out, fire, soon.
  4. Bangladesh, a, reading, he, book, is, about.
  5. also, district, Kishoreganj, famous, home, is, the, some, people, of.
  6. see, can, you, turtles, the, also, on, the, island.



  1. orders, she, from, gets, and, friends, neighbours, her.
  2. are, how, you, old.
  3. places, there, in, to, are, our, many, see, country.
  4. at, today, Sima, home, is.
  5. Your, eat, energy, food, body, gives, that.


  1. needs, some, she, medicine.
  2. hour, the, hare, for, slept, an.
  3. You, who, are?
  4. past, it, seven, is, half, now.
  5. like, do, play, you, to, football?


  1. eat, regularly, them, don’t.
  2. how, action, say, done, adverbs, is, an.
  3. time, a, we, good, have, will.
  4. is, Sima, home, today, at.
  5. address, school, your, write.


  1. is, Sima, today, ill.
  2. shop, sweets, I, my, I, had, wish, own!
  3. play, what, do, to, game, want, you?
  4. in, Eskimos, the, live, igloo.
  5. colleague, you, introduce, our, me, to, new, let.


  1. holiday, my, on, I, father, am, with.
  2. are, going, you, where?
  3. Chittagong, not, I, going, am, to.
  4. a, journey, have, nice.
  5. nice, the, Chittagong, how, of, scenery, is!


  1. Bangladesh, of, independence, 26 March, day, is, the.
  2. trips, safe, the, but, exciting, are.
  3. months, in, year, many, there, how, a, are?
  4. spell, do, how, name, first, you, your?
  5. sewing, in, time, free, her, she, enjoys.


  1. going, you, are, where.
  2. football, I, to, like, play.
  3. farmer, a, there, lived.
  4. do, how, you, school, go, to.
  5. singing, she, song, is, a.
  6. a, crossing, dog, bridge, was, a.
  7. flying, birds, are.
  8. bangladesh, live, we, in.
  9. biggest, the, is, the, padma, river.
  10. he, where, live, does?


  1. to, writer, be, wants, a, Maria.
  2. it, lovely, is, a, day.
  3. can, i, go, how, from, is, Chittagong.
  4. Teknaf, far, how, from, is, Chittagong.
  5. the, sings, cuckoo, in, spring.


  1. in, 1971, We, got, independence.
  2. it, not, am, I, certain, quite, about.
  3. are, so, foods, which, good.
  4. time, in, free, his, stories, Mr, Islam, writes.
  5. not, make, a, Do, noise.


  1. father, on, I, my, holiday, am, with.
  2. is, in, 10, train, minutes, leaving, Our.
  3. at, him, the, met, yesterday, I, bookshop.
  4. the, to, does, want, new, Rafi, student, meet, why?
  5. spots, the, in, what, main, Bangladesh, tourist, are?


  1. is, friend, your, who, best?
  2. lessons, good, learn, students, regularly, their.
  3. lie, sin, to, great, tell, a, is, a.
  4. ask, same, I, you, can, the, question?
  5. do, spend, your, leisure, how, you, time?


  1. you, do, and, like, sports, any, games?
  2. do, for, can, you, I, what?
  3. sailing, the, we, can, in, sea, go.
  4. and, the, safe, cruises, exciting, are.
  5. out, the, to, the, tortoise, hare, called.


  1. Bangladesh, in, live, we.
  2. do, where, live, you, whom, and, with?
  3. soon, hope, I, father, gets, your, well.
  4. are, there, places, many, see, to, our, in, country.
  5. cough, she, throat, a, has, and, sore, a.


  1. quite, a, bithi, person,is.
  2. home, We, soon, reach, will.
  3. mother, bangla, tongue, is, our.
  4. gossiping, were, they.
  5. english, can, speak, she.


  1. much, he, very, teaching, likes.
  2. book, them, your, in, write, exercise.
  3. work, does, time, what, start, he, the.
  4. how, we, nicely, house, decorated, our!
  5. boys, mix, don’t, bad, with.


  1. is, honest, but, he, poor.
  2. is, how, river, beautiful, the!
  3. be, how, good, you, can, student, a?
  4. run, the, do, in, sin, not.
  5. land, is, Bangladesh, of, beauty, a, natural.


  1. not, rich, happy, the, are, always.
  2. developing, Bangladesh, Country, is, a.
  3. believes, liar, nobody, a.
  4. main, rice, our, is, food.
  5. December, Victory, our, 16th , is, day.


  1. man, is,a, he, young.
  2. new, a, teacher, English, here, she’s.
  3. lion, and, especially, tigers.
  4. a, journey, good, have.
  5. my, introduce, let, colleagues.


  1. does, what, film, actor, a, do?
  2. I, Sonargoan, went, last, to, yera.
  3. Your, you, could, lend, me, book?
  4. friend’s, what, your, name, is?
  5. free, reads, sister, in, her, my, time.


  1. I, yesterday, bookshop, him, met, the, at.
  2. You, like, would, come, to?
  3. I, to, walk, park, like, in, the.
  4. Eat, quickly, we, it, should.
  5. Very, she, warm, feels.


  1. International, is, language, English, an.
  2. on, I’m, with, holiday, father, my.
  3. popular, Cox’s Bazar, the, most, is, spot, tourist.
  4. flows, the, Narasunda, river, through, town, the.
  5. his, in, free, time, writes, Mr, Islam, stories, listens, to, and, music.


  1. games, and, sports, you, any, do, like?
  2. beautiful, flower, how, is, the!
  3. is, train, minute, leaving, our, 10, in.
  4. I, yesterday, bookshop, him, met, the, at.
  5. I, to, park, in, walk, like, the.


  1. are, things, dairy, milk, products, eggs, and.
  2. of, what, eat, do, kind, food, regularly, you?
  3. listen, should, to, teacher, they, leave, building, and, the, quietly.
  4. celebrate, come, people, place, many, to, this, to, Eid.
  5. on, the, will, be, library, left, your.


  1. to, book, Fair, the, going, I’m.
  2. it, should, quickly, we, eat.
  3. safety, talks, students, to, about, he, fire.
  4. visit, like, other, would, to, I, countries.
  5. 16 December, is, on, our, Victory, day.


  1. him, I, going, to, saw, market.
  2. did, drink, I, not, milk, glass, a, of.
  3. Rahim, playing, football, not, is.
  4. will, you, how, Dhaka, to, go.
  5. Singing, Mufrad, is, song, a.


  1. some, you, answering, would, mind, you, questions?
  2. through, Narasunda, the, the, town, flows, river.
  3. at, him, met, bookshop, the, I, yesterday.
  4. panicked, afraid, but, no, very, one, was, everyone.
  5. because, she, didn’t, she, ill, to, go, school, was.


  1. vine, from, i, the, grapes, like!
  2. number, trees, is, there, the.
  3. a, months, year, many, there, how, in, are?
  4. school, we, july, don’t, in, have.
  5. looking, marry, you, at, what, are?


  1. mother, old, is, years, my, thirty, two.
  2. Kind-hearted, good, very, she, and, is.
  3. for, works, she, hard, us.
  4. good, takes, of, care, she, me.
  5. happy, everyone, likes, see, she, to.


  1. at, today, is, home, Salma.
  2. the, man, old, is, tired.
  3. start, will, soon, we.
  4. school, when, go, you, do, to.
  5. Want, do, you, what.


  1. you, like, come, would, to?
  2. are, cruises, the, and, safe, exciting.
  3. the, old, how, girl, is?
  4. fort, you, the, can, of, visit, Isah, Khan.
  5. students, he, fire, talks, safety, about, to.


  1. bones, our, help, and, they, teeth.
  2. finish, I, see, can, the, line.
  3. the, island, it’s, an, in, Bay of Bengal.
  4. Sreemangal, in, the, took, cub, camporee, place.
  5. Nilkantha, we, to, went, the, tea, cabin.


  1. poor, the, laugh, do, at, not.
  2. father, does, where, his, work.
  3. race, but, slow, the, wins, steady.
  4. life, water, essential, is, for.
  5. 1896, Olympic, modern, started, the, in, games.


  1. my, introduce, colleagues, me, let.
  2. Food, picture, the, at, Pyramid, the, look, of.
  3. ask, questions, I, can, you, some?
  4. sports, or, play, you, do, any?
  5. London, trip, to, back, your, was, how?


  1. office, work, she, does, in, an.
  2. body, mix, a, your, foods, needs, good, of.
  3. mother, does, your, what, do.
  4. homework, have, completed, you, your.
  5. he, where, live, does.


  1. free, magazines, read, often, I, time, in, my.
  2. firefighters, out, the, put, came, and, the, soon, fire.
  3. December, victory, our, 16th , is, day.
  4. spend, your, do, time, you, how, leisure?
  5. Waterfalls, are, wonderful, some, there, there.
  6. to, going, Chittagong, I’m.
  7. in, 60, minute, are, seconds, a, there.
  8. housewife, a, is, she.
  9. him, know, you, do?
  10. flu, I, the, have.


  1. some, you, answering, mind, would, questions?
  2. person, was, a, birthday, when, date, the, is, born.
  3. Tamal, in, Town, Hall, Language, Club, and, are, the, Sima.
  4. College, left, Road, then, on, turn, and, go, straight.
  5. how, to, hospital, you, do, know, to, the, get?



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